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Two Reasons Young Women Are Cheaper To Insure Than Young Men

Young women drivers usually have a better chance of obtaining cheap car insurance than men do. Most insurance companies include a discount on the young women drivers, especially during the teen years. This discount continues through a woman's life. Is this sexist or unfair? Maybe not. Let's examine the reasons why cheap car insurance is easier for women than men.

Much of the discrepancy boils down to simple statistical data. Statistically, women have fewer accidents. When they do have accidents their damage tends to be a lot less expensive. Since insurance companies are primarily concerned with the cost of the claims they have to cover, it makes sense that they would pay attention to these statistics and adjust their rates accordingly. Other statistics working against men are those which say women typically pass their driver's exam on the first try more often than men do, and those which say that men typically drive longer distances than women do. There also may be some light correlation between the types of vehicles men choose to drive vs. the types of vehicles women choose to drive.

The other factor insurance companies are looking at has to do with vehicular crime rates. Every year police arrest fewer women than men for car related crimes. Though individual women are still committing DUIs or vehicular homicides, it just happens less often in the case of the women. The gap does seem to be closing in this regard, which might affect women's insurance rates in the future. For now, however, this situation has been true year after year.

None of this indicates that any individual female driver is necessarily a better driver than any individual male driver, or even that women are better drivers in general. It simply means that women cost insurance companies less money. As long as this continues to be true, women will continue to get a discount on their car insurance.

Yet there is good news for men, too. If insurance companies raised the rates on the female drivers, car insurance rates would actually get more expensive for everyone. So even though a man might not enjoy the benefit directly he is still getting cheaper car insurance as a result of this seeming double standard. A man who is looking to save on car insurance might consider being the named driver on their wife's policy, which can lower their insurance rates accordingly. Besides, there are many strategies that can help you get cheaper car insurance. By investigating them all you should be able to get the best deal, regardless of your gender.

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