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Top 7 Tips For Collecting Car Insurance Quotes For Foreign Nationals Living In The United States

It can be very exciting to travel from another country to the United States to live. When it comes to collecting car insurance quotes, however, foreign nationals and native American citizens often share one thing in common – frustration. Following these seven tips will help new stateside foreign nationals to obtain the best possible rates.

The first tip is to make sure to bring the right paperwork to the consultation. Car insurance agencies will want to ensure that new foreign national applicants have a valid driver license from their home country, an International Driver Permit (IDP), as well as vehicle title and registration if applicable. The second tip is to remember that, as a new stateside driver, car insurance quotes and rates will reflect that. Many insurance companies will treat foreign nationals as high risk or teen drivers, hiking rates until a clean stateside driving record can be established. This is why tip number three is to try to obtain a driving record copy before leaving home – if it is clean. This may assist with negotiating for a lower initial rate.

The fourth tip is to begin researching car insurance rate quotes as soon as possible. The internet makes it possible to begin seeking quotes before leaving home. Many USA car insurance agencies offer free quotes online and it is possible to get several quotes, compare rates, and even begin the application process that way. The fifth tip to consider is to inquire if it will even be necessary to obtain car insurance while living in the States. If traveling to the United States on business, the sending company may make the transition seamless if car insurance is one of the benefits provided to professionals living abroad. Family or friends may be willing to lend a car when the need arises. A home country policy may extend to cover short-term trips abroad or offer extended plans for longer trips. Credit or membership card companies may offer international car insurance as a cardholder perk. If renting a car while living in the States is an option, the agency may be able to provide car insurance for comparable rates to what an independent agent or broker can offer.

Tip number six is to be sure to ask for a driving record review after living in the States for one year – if it is clean, that opens the door to re-negotiate the policy for a lower rate. And tip number seven is to remember that the higher costs of purchasing car insurance as a foreign national living in the United States are always worth it in terms of the valuable protection car insurance provides.

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