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Three Vehicle Alterations That May Increase Car Insurance Quotes

If you like to customize your vehicle, you may wind up paying more for your insurance. Car insurance quotes take into consideration vehicle alterations that make a car more powerful or sporty. Rate increases are based on research that shows that cars with sporty accessories tend to be in more accidents than cars that are not altered in any way. High performance engines, low profile rims, custom paint jobs, after market spoilers, and ground effects are just a few alterations that will increase your insurance rates. If you make alterations after your car insurance rates have been set, the insurance company will only pay out what the car was originally estimated to be worth.

High Performance Custom Engine

Owning a high performance vehicle can lead to car insurance quotes that are much higher than you may expect. Even if your car's exterior is a mild mannered sedan, putting a super high speed engine into it immediately makes you a higher risk for an accident. Car insurance companies expect people who install high performance engines into regular cars to drive more recklessly because their cars can go much faster than they were originally designed to do. In an insurer's mind, the only reason to increase your car's power is to have the ability to drive faster. Driving faster puts you at risk for expensive accidents that the insurance company needs to be prepared for.

Customized Paint and Detailing

The exterior of your car may not seem to have much to do with your driving habits, but car insurance companies have found a direct link between high profile paint jobs and larger numbers of car accidents. Brightly colored metallic paint, racing stripes, and other types of cosmetic enhancements invite driving behaviors that can be less than safe. Car insurance quotes will definitely go up due to vehicle alterations that make a car look sportier or more like a race car.

Custom Rims and Wheels

Many people are installing low profile rims and custom wheels on their cars. These updates can give a car a tougher appearance, but they also give insurance companies more to worry about. If you replace your original stock tires with low profile high performance tires, the insurance company will quickly put you into a different insurance bracket. Again, the insurance company wants to protect itself from any expensive claims that may not be covered by your original agreement. Custom rims and wheels are much more expensive than standard equipment, therefore lead to higher car insurance quotes than you would find with standard tires. High performance rims and wheels also allow drivers to attain faster speeds more quickly, which can lead to riskier driving habits.

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