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Three Types Of Drivers Considered To Be Higher Risk By Insurance Providers

When seeking an online car insurance quote, it doesn’t take long to see that there are certain people who are consistently given higher estimates. Some motorists are considered to be high risk drivers, and the difference is clear and will be noted in any online car insurance quote. Typically, there are three types of drivers considered to be higher risk, specifically, drivers whose risk of being in an accident is increased due to age or inexperience, drivers with bad driving records and drivers who meet certain personal criteria.

The most common factor that drives up an online car insurance quote is the age or experience of the applicant. Young drivers (under age 25), older drivers (over age 70) and inexperienced drivers are all affected by this factor. These types of drivers are considered high risk because of their increased likelihood, based on statistics, of being in accidents. Some ways to offset these higher quotes is to ask for a good student discount or to enroll in a defensive driving class. Surprisingly, the easiest way to become a lower risk for many insurance companies is to get married or become a homeowner.

Another factor in determining whether an online car insurance quote will be higher is your actual driving history. If you have a repeat history of traffic tickets, a number of previously filed claims (whether you have been determined to be at fault or not) or arrests for drunk driving, then expect to be categorized as a high risk driver. The way to equalize these rates is by getting your driving history expunged or driving without any infractions for an extended period of time. With this kind of history, it might be necessary to forego collision or comprehensive coverage, or accept higher deductibles, in order to be able to afford liability coverage.

Lastly, personal profiles can classify individuals as high risk drivers. Personal profile information such as where someone lives, credit rating or lack of continuous coverage will reflect as a higher risk in an online car insurance quote. You can overcome this by getting quotes from other providers who don’t consider personal factors such as these.

As a general rule, these three types of drivers are considered to be higher risk by insurance companies. You can combat being considered one of the high risk drivers by asking for discounts, building a clean driving record and avoiding some of personal factors noted above. Carefully read any online insurance quote to determine which criteria are being used to determine if you are a high risk, and speak to an agent about possible exceptions that can be made because of extenuating circumstances.

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