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Three Types Of Car Damage That A Car Insurance Company Will Not Cover

Car insurance quotes and car insurance claims never involve three general areas. These roughly fall into categories labeled 'Acts of God,' deliberative damage or neglect by the policy-holder, and being engaged in illegal activity while driving. There are three types of car damage that an insurance company will not cover.

Acts of God

File this under acts of man, but it also falls under acts of God. Companies won't pay damage claims when caused in situations marked by civil unrest, riots, rebellions, war. Effects from terrorism, too, can be excluded from coverage. Comprehensive car insurance quotes and car insurance claims include a lot of coverage one might associate with Acts of God. These include fire, windstorms, theft, hail, vandalism, all acts that might be considered as occurring naturally. However, other categories do fall under Acts of God. Car insurance won't include items not permanently installed in a particular vehicle. These might include radar detectors. CD players, laptop computers, sound systems, mobile radios and phones, even camper trailers.

Car insurance quotes and car insurance claims do not apply to large, severe and unexpected events. These might include floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, serious wildfires.

Deliberative damage

If a person deliberatively damages the vehicle, insurance companies will not pay to repair the damages. An exception to this exists in some states where deliberative damage was done as part of a continuing domestic violence situation so long as the damaging agent was being prosecuted. Car insurance quotes and car insurance rates don't apply to damage claims when premiums were not paid. Companies don't consider policies to be in effect when they're not paid for and neither do courts.

Car insurance policies will pay claims if somebody smashed the car window and damaged the vehicle. They won't pay if the car owner smashed the widow and damaged the car. This is called malicious abuse. Claiming benefits in these cases might result in fraud charges. Damages to tires are not covered unless the tire damage was caused in an accident or incident. Mechanical breakdowns caused by normal wear and tear – especially out of warranty – are not covered.

Illegal activity while driving

Any type of accident caused by driving illegally falls outside of damage covered by insurance companies. Driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol obviously is most prevalent. Any type of damage caused by violating criminal, civil, and traffic laws won't be covered, or damages incurred while committing a crime.

Rental car insurance excludes coverage for a wide variety of actions deemed illegal by rental agreement. Those exclusions cover violations of the rental agreement in a number of areas and driving while committing illegal activities.

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