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Three Things To Know About Car Insurance In Tennessee

Car insurance rates are affected by your vehicle's value, where you live in Tennessee and who drives the car. To register a vehicle in Tennessee, your local country clerk or Department of Motor Vehicle will require valid proof of insurance and a current emissions inspection along with personal identification and the vehicle's title. The cheapest car insurance rates are always available to experienced drivers who have a clean driving record for the past three to five years. Low-mileage operators will also benefit from reduced car insurance rates based on the lower risk of an accident occurring.

Because insurance is required for all drivers in Tennessee, law enforcement agents are entitled to request a copy of your registration and insurance if you are stopped for any traffic violation. In the state of Tennessee, the cheapest car insurance available is 25/50/15 coverage, which meets the state's minimum insurance requirements. 25/50/15 coverage includes a $25,000 of liability coverage, a $50,000 limit for personal injuries and medical expenses and $15,000 for property damage. Because Tennessee is a traditional at-fault liability state, purchasing uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage or a policy with liability limits of $100,000 or more can protect you from a lawsuit to recover medical expenses and damages.

In the event you are pulled over in Tennessee and cannot provide valid proof of insurance, be prepared to pay a $100 fine before the state formally suspends your driver's license and files a misdemeanor offense on your permanent record. Once you are caught driving without insurance, the state of Tennessee will require you to purchase high-risk liability coverage for three to five years while simultaneously providing a valid SR-22 form showing you are complying with state insurance requirements. Whether you opt to meet state minimum requirements with 25/50/15 coverage r purchase high-limit coverage by the month, buying the cheapest car insurance is far more affordable than purchasing none at all.

Defensive driving discounts are a great way for drivers of any age to save 10% or more on car insurance rates. Six-hour, state-authorized defensive driving programs are administered at local community colleges and educational institutions. With discounts of 10% or more available to Tennesseans who have completed a defensive driving class, the one-time program fee can easily pay for itself. Drivers in Tennessee can also qualify for special customer loyalty discounts for insuring multiple vehicles or drivers. Today, drivers can compare car insurance rates from a number of providers quickly and easily. With discounts for defensive driving certificates, clean driving records, seniors, new parents and other low-risk demographics as well as reduced rates for factory-installed safety features, finding the cheapest car insurance is easier than ever.

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