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Three Reasons That Newer Cars Can Be Cheaper To Insure Than Older Vehicles

It can sometimes come as a surprise when shopping for car insurance that newer cars are often cheaper to insure than older vehicles. When you are shopping for cheap car insurance it might be to your advantage to consider upgrading to a newer car because the more advanced anti-theft technology, generally improved safety, and differences in vehicle types can actually make car insurance less expensive.

Newer cars contain more advanced technology that can help you obtain cheap car insurance. Most new cars come equipped with anti-theft technology that makes them harder to steal, and thus, less expensive to insure. Security systems that sound an alarm are often included with all but the most basic models of newer cars, however almost all cars made today come with keys that contain a computer chip. While this computer chip can make the keys in question expensive to replace, they also contain an anti-theft device that makes the vehicle impossible to start without the key, and thus harder to steal. This saves you money on your car insurance.

Newer cars also include many safety features not available on an older model that makes it possible to obtain less expensive car insurance. These safety features include advanced seat belts and air bags that can deploy at different rates depending on crash speeds. Newer cars have anti-lock brakes, and often more advanced features such as vehicle stability systems that can help keep a car on the road in challenging conditions and prevent accidents. Advances in vehicle frames and materials also make newer cars safer for passengers, and at times, thanks to advanced bumper technology, less expensive to repair. Simple safety improvements such as daytime running lights, collision sensors, navigation systems, Bluetooth compatibility, and rear backup cameras all help to make newer vehicles safer and cheaper to insure.

A newer vehicle can also be cheaper to insure because it is simply a different type than the one you currently own. Sports cars are generally more expensive to ensure than other models, and two door cars are more expensive to carry insurance on than sedans. Sometimes, even the car's color can affect the insurance rate. This can be a factor when considering an upgrade to save on car insurance.

When considering the reasons behind the differences in car insurance pricing based on the age of vehicles it can make sense to upgrade to a newer vehicle. Often, this difference in insurance prices can help to offset the cost a difference in payment can make when purchasing a new vehicle. Anti-theft technology, advanced safety technology, and a difference in vehicle type can make buying a newer car a cost-effective move, while insuring your family's safety.

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