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Three Add Ons To Consider Including With Your Car Insurance

Car insurance add-ons are options that improve the coverage offered by a policy. They typically increase a driver’s car insurance rates while offering coverage that isn’t required by law. Many add-ons are designed with specific drivers in mind; custom parts and equipment coverage, for instance, is really only valuable to drivers who customize their vehicles heavily with more than $1,000 worth of extra parts or equipment. There are some types of add-ons that appeal to all drivers, and even if you’re looking for the cheapest car insurance policy possible, it’s a good idea to consider the benefits of a few such add-ons.

One great example is roadside assistance coverage. Roadside assistance pays for the costs of towing, water and gas delivery, and other essentials for drivers whose vehicles break down, leaving them otherwise stranded. A towing service can be very expensive, especially if a vehicle breaks down in a remote area, so drivers who travel frequently may benefit greatly from the peace of mind afforded by roadside assistance coverage. It’s also one of the cheapest car insurance add-ons available. Most car insurance companies will only charge a few dollars per month for 24/7 roadside assistance coverage. However, if you decide to purchase this add on, make sure that you know how it works; you’ll usually have to contact your insurance company before you hire a towing service, or your claim might not be paid.

Another useful add on is accident forgiveness. As the name of this coverage implies, accident forgiveness prevents a single accident from increasing the cost of your car insurance policy. Most insurance companies have very specific conditions that must be fulfilled before a driver is eligible for an accident forgiveness program. A driver must have a very clean record and may not be able to use accident forgiveness if he or she is involved in a DUI or other seriously negligent accident. Nevertheless, it’s a worthwhile option if you’re eligible for it, as an accident can increase car insurance rates by 30% or more for some drivers.

The car insurance add-ons offered by your insurance company may vary extensively from those offered by other insurance providers. To find out what your options are, call your insurance provider or read your policy. Go online and view as many car insurance quotes as you can to get an idea of what other companies are offering. Building a sound car insurance policy is easy if you understand your options, and add-on coverages can greatly improve the value of your car insurance plan if you select coverage that’s appropriate for your driving habits and budget.

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