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Theft Coverage And Its Effect On Car Insurance Quotes

If you were to poll car insurance agents across the country about the number one mistake they see when selling car insurance, they would likely tell you the same thing, misinformation about coverage costs. People generally don’t understand the types of coverage that affect their free car insurance quotes the most and this can cause a lot of confusion. If you have always been a believer that theft coverage can cost you a lot of money on your car insurance you are quite mistaken.

Theft coverage is lumped in with many other types of losses in the car insurance world under the comprehensive coverage on your car insurance policy. Comprehensive coverage is the type of coverage that is generally used when repairing damages from fires, thefts and vandalism in addition to natural disasters. Many people take this information and assume that this means that comprehensive coverage is very expensive, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, in the run of car insurance coverage options, comprehensive is one of the cheapest.

Free car insurance quotes are affected the most by the amount of liability coverage you elect to have for your vehicle. The higher the limits you request for your car the higher the premium will be that you pay every month or six months, etc. The next highest cost coverage is collision coverage, the type of coverage you use when your vehicle has been in an accident with another vehicle. Comprehensive coverage usually comes in next, but is very inexpensive.

When you are entering the information for your free car insurance quotes online you should try playing with the numbers and recalculating your quotes repeatedly. Try adding comprehensive coverage and then removing it and you will see the difference of only a few dollars on your total premium. This shows how little the cost of theft coverage, or comprehensive coverage, can be to your insurance premiums. Remember, when you don’t add comprehensive coverage you are not just losing theft coverage, but fire, vandalism and natural disasters as well.

Comprehensive, or theft coverage, is sometimes confused with full coverage but should not be as the comprehensive simply means it fills in the gaps that collision coverage sometimes leaves out. In some car insurance circles this type of insurance is referred to as “other than collision coverage” but has essentially the same requirements and coverage options. Theft coverage is a generally sound financial decision to make for your vehicle and the financial stability in your life. The more losses you have coverage with your car insurance policy the better off you will be.

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