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The Role Of Uninsured Motorist Coverage In No Fault States

Uninsured motorist coverage and underinsured motorist coverage also known as UM/UIM benefits are an important aspect of car insurance even in no fault states. No fault states were established to reduce insurance costs and prevent fraud by having drivers claim benefits through their own policies regardless of fault, except in certain circumstances where drivers are entitled to sue for damages. Even if drivers meet the tort threshold and are given the right to sue, they may not be able to recover damages. Applying for an auto insurance quote with UM and UIM coverage can protect your family with many benefits not offered with other coverage.

When you add UM benefits to an auto insurance quote, you are applying for coverage than can compensate your family if you are struck by a vehicle that is uninsured or if you are involved in an accident caused by a hit and run driver. UIM coverage is designed to supplement other benefits after primary resources have been exhausted. In no fault states, UM and UIM benefits can be used to pay for medical expenses and physical damage to your vehicle and personal belongings. Policyholders in no fault states are typically entitled to purchase UM and UIM benefits equal to their liability coverage. In some cases, UM and UIM limits can be stacked across multiple vehicles offering policyholders twice the level of overall coverage.

In a no fault state, drivers who have suffered particularly egregious injuries or damages that exceed minimum liability or available liability coverage are entitled to sue the other driver for compensation. However, there is no guarantee that you family will ever be able to recover amount of the settlement. In a severe accident where injuries and medical expenses exceed general liability coverage, UIM coverage can double the amount of benefits available. Customizable benefits for personal property, bodily injuries and other benefits can be used to maximize available UM coverage.

After a severe accident in a no fault state, drivers typically have to satisfy state requirements before they can claim UM/UIM benefits through their own provider. UIM coverage can also provide benefits for lost wages, pain and suffering, medical expenses and other benefits that courts can award, but cannot guarantee in the same way as UIM coverage.

When combined with Personal Injury Protection, UM/UIM coverage improves the level of personal protection in a no fault state with direct benefits to your family. Uninsured drivers exist in every state and hit and run accidents can happen to anyone. After a severe accident, it's important to know that you purchased enough UM/UIM coverage to pay for lost wages, unexpected medical expenses and other bills.

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