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The Importance Of A Clean Motor Vehicle Record

No matter who you are your motor vehicle record (MVR) is very important when it comes to car insurance rates, and even jobs in some cases. This document says more about you than just your driving history. People look at this record as a way of telling how safe and dependable you are.

Having a clean MVR is of the utmost importance if you are a commercial truck driver. This official document contains all of your moving and non-moving violations. No matter who you are moving violations are always more severe as a professional driver and a personal driver when it comes to the outcome of your insurance policy. If you are a carrier, your MVR will weigh heavily on whether you can be hired by another company, or even keep your job. You will have a leeway of two to three moving violations in the past three years with most companies. If you have more than the magic number, then you will likely have trouble finding another job. Car insurance will increase drastically as well. Anyone who is charged with having a careless or reckless citation on his or her record will be affected when it comes to a driving career, or personal car insurance policy. Drinking or drug charges will make it difficult for any commercial driver. It will also raise the rates of a personal driving car insurance policy as well. These violations will typically remain on an MVR for approximately seven years.

If you have a citation for an accident that was your fault, this will increase car insurance rates for personal drivers and commercial drivers alike. Your MVR will answer questions for car insurance companies and places of employment. Some of these questions may be how many accidents you have had, how many overall incidents you've had, and who was at fault. These are all things that trucking employers and car insurance companies will look for on your motor vehicle record. If you are a commercial vehicle driver, your MVR is an indication of how safe you are. If your MVR proves otherwise, you may not be hired or could even be fired by your current employer. A poor motor vehicle record will raise a red flag to all car insurance companies.

It is much easier to maintain a good motor vehicle record when it comes to car insurance or if you're trying to gain and keep employment as a commercial driver. Many companies have reward programs in place for commercial drivers that boast a clean MVR record. The same holds true for personal commuters who can maintain a good record with their car insurance companies.

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