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The Effect Of Driving Distance On Car Insurance Premiums

While it may be easy to trim a budget by limiting the amount of money spent on the grocery or entertainment bill, limiting the amount spent on fuel can be a bit more challenging. However, limiting fuel consumption can benefit consumers in multiple ways. Limiting the amount of gas used in a vehicle will not only reduce monthly car related expenses at the pump, it may also help consumers to reduce the amount paid in monthly car insurance premiums. By reducing driving distance and taking steps to be sure a vehicle is fuel-efficient, drivers can see a dramatic reduction in online car insurance quotes.

Car insurance premiums are determined by the driver's age, driving history, the cost of the vehicle, and the amount of time the vehicle spends on the road. While consumers may be unable to do much to change the first few factors, it is possible to reduce car insurance rates by limiting driving distance. To understand how this discount may apply, it is important to understand the effect of driving distance on car insurance premiums. Insurance companies calculate rates based upon the likelihood for a driver to have an accident. The less time a driver spends on the road, the less chance of accidents resulting in injury, medical bills, and property damage. Reducing mileage also lowers fuel consumption and vehicle wear. It is important to note, that insurance companies rely on consumers for information regarding driving distance. Be sure to be as accurate as possible when giving odometer readings.

Seniors, students that live on campus, and those that choose to carpool or take public transportation to and from work enjoy some of the lowest car insurance rates. It may not be possible for all drivers to make these changes, but there are strategies to maximize mileage and thereby reduce costs to auto insurance premiums. Driving at lower rates of speed can reduce mileage by up to 21%. Keeping tires well balanced and inflated to the proper pressure ensures better mileage and reduces wear. Keeping windows and sunroofs closed while driving on the freeway reduces wind resistance and makes driving more efficient. Combining trips can significantly reduce driving distance and limit fuel consumption.

Saving money is important for auto insurance companies as well as consumers. In recognition of the reduced cost, when searching for online car insurance quotes you may see that there are new policies in place that reward consumers for limiting their driving distance. "Per mile" insurance policies and "pay as you drive" incentives reward drivers who limit their driving distance with lower premiums.

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