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The Effect Criminal Convictions Can Have On Car Insurance Quotes

Getting car insurance quotes after you get a criminal conviction(s) can be tough. Even though you have paid your debt to society, there are still many companies who will not insure you at all. This is because if you commit a vehicular crime, the insurance company might be required to pay for the results of your crime, making most companies less than thrilled about taking the risk. Yet, legally and as a form of asset protection, you must have insurance. What can you do?

The first thing you have to understand about getting car insurance quotes with criminal convictions is that you will pay more. It's simply unavoidable; the criminal conviction will raise your rates to a very high degree, even for the most basic of coverages. It may not seem fair, especially if your conviction had nothing to do with cars, but that's the reality of your situation. Take a deep breath and make the room in your budget. Treat this as being as unavoidable as your light bill, grocery bill, or rent. This is especially true if you are currently on probation, as in most states failing to carry car insurance is considered a crime. Doing so might put you afoul of your probation officer.

The next part of the problem is finding an insurer. There are some insurance companies that specialize in providing insurance to people with a record. If you are having no luck locating one on your own you should try a licensed broker. Insurance brokers usually work with at least one or two high-risk companies, and high-risk companies are the ones that are most likely to be open to carrying your insurance.

If you have to file an SR-22, which is a form that provides proof that you're carrying insurance on your vehicle, things might actually be a bit easier. Often people have to file SR-22s after criminal convictions. You can do a statewide search for "SR-22 car insurance." Doing so will provide you with several resources to begin your search.

If you're not having any luck, find out which organizations in your state provide help to released prisoners. Prisoners often find it is difficult to get homes, jobs, and car insurance alike, but these services can put you in touch with services that are a little more forgiving and understanding. These services help convicts every day and should know exactly where to go or who to ask. If you cannot find one of these services near you, go to your local church and speak to a pastor. Pastors, too, often carry lists of services for various situations for people in need.

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