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The Difference Between Used And New Car Insurance Rates

You've found the perfect ride, now finding the insurance policy that keeps you on the road is your last task before enjoying those wide open skies. Online shoppers can find a wide enough range of insurance options that singling out the cheapest car insurance ever might not be as easy as it seems. The age of your dream vehicle can really change your financial outlook. Here are some basics that ought to help you understand why you can save so much with new car insurance rates.

Car insurance policies are not all the same across the board. Often, new drivers are confused by the variance they encounter, especially considering that two seemingly similar vehicles can produce entirely different quotes. New car insurance rates are typically much lower than used rates because insurers make a habit of considering the vehicle's condition. Since new cars are often in tip-top shape, their drivers can expect their rates to be accordingly cheaper. This doesn't mean that used cars will always have higher premiums, but it's definitely a safe bet that they represent higher risk investments, both for insurers and drivers.

It's important to check your vehicle's condition before you buy it and insure it, but there are a couple of things you can do to combat the higher rates typically associated with pre-owned cars, trucks and SUVs. A certified vehicle is often much easier to insure, as policy providers are more apt to provide a lower rate knowing that the vehicle is somewhat reliable. For those whose best option is a used vehicle, making sure it's certified is a definite must. Similarly, used car rates for vehicles that are regularly maintained are much lower than those for similar cars with a bad track record.

Dealer purchases are usually better than owner-to-owner buys, because insurance companies know that dealers tend to make sure their stock is in good condition. Again, this doesn't mean that you ought to limit your purchases, especially when you find something you absolutely love, but it's important to do all your research and compare prices thoroughly.

Finding the cheapest car insurance ever is easier online, because you can easily compare your new vehicle insurance rate quotes with a quote for a used version of the same make and model. This is a great way to lower your car insurance rates when you're searching around and it really highlights the difference between new car insurance rates and policies that cover pre-owned vehicles. Don't settle for high insurance rates just because you've decided to purchase a used vehicle. Beat price trends by shopping online and comparing different providers and coverage options.

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