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The Advantage Of Taking Pictures For Your Insurance Company At The Site Of A Collision

Several advantages come into the forefront when you take accident pictures for your insurance company at the site of a collision. Photographs may ultimately determine fault for a loss, so if you can elude accident fault, this will bode well when shopping for cheap car insurance. You won't have to disclose an at-fault accident during the car insurance quote process. Moreover, an accident without fault should prevent your current auto insurance rates from increasing during the next policy period.

Depending on where the cars received the impact – the front, side or towards the rear - it may provide an indicator of fault or some percentage of liability. If the other driver has cheap car insurance, chances are that he doesn't have collision coverage to pay for his vehicle repairs. This potentially means the other driver may raise arguments to point liability against you. To combat this problem, vehicle photographs can help clear up a bogus dispute.

Accident pictures of the scene may become a useful tool if liability becomes a dispute between the drivers. Snap some photographs of how the lanes are configured or include a potential obstruction or landmark. If there's an unusual road curve or the streets are positioned in an abnormal way, the pictures can provide a better understanding for your insurance company towards determining liability. If you believe the other driver was speeding, take some photos of the skid marks. Also, photographs save a step for your insurance company during the claim process. If your insurance company has to dispatch a claims representative to the accident scene, this slows up the process.

If you have accident fault, take some accident pictures of the other driver's vehicle damage. Your photos will show the true extent of damage arising out of the accident. Later on, the other driver will think twice before trying to claim any prior damage into the repair estimate for this accident.

If someone claims injuries from the auto accident, but the vehicle damage supports a minimal impact or barely any damage at all, taking photographs can provide a useful piece of evidence. The insurance company may refer to the photographs when it evaluates the victim's bodily injury claim. Furthermore, if legal proceedings take place, a future judge or jury may review the pictures when making a decision on a potential monetary judgment. The photos could have an affect on the award.

Taking photographs for your insurance company at the scene of an accident can help immensely for determining fault. Your insurance company will thank you for taking a proactive approach for any potential claims from other drivers who may have cheap car insurance.

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