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Tesla Fire Explained

Tesla shareholders have been going craycray after a Model S caught fire this week. Apparently, in the couple of days following this incident, the company’s shares dropped a little over 6%. Yikes.

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press and from a Fox News article

Today Tesla CEO Elon Musk released a statement saying that it wasn’t the vehicle’s fault for the outburst, but rather a ginormous metal object that pierced through a part of the car’s battery. Here is a vivid description of the aftermath from a Fox News article:

“Firefighters struggled to extinguish the Tesla fire, finding that the flames reignited. After dismantling the front end of the vehicle and puncturing holes in the battery pack, responders used a circular saw to cut an access hole in the front section to apply water to the battery, according to documents. Only then was the fire extinguished.”

Musk continues to insist that it is “safer to power a car with a battery than a large tank of highly flammable liquid.”

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