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How a Speeding Ticket Affects Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Speeding tickets can affect young drivers for months and even years after the ticket is issued. Teens are often inexperienced, and face challenges making wise decisions. Common reasons teens are ticketed for speeding include being late for curfew, trying to impress friends, or testing the boundaries of the vehicle.

Due to advancements in the way traffic violations are recorded and kept, a speeding ticket can follow you for years. Car insurance for young drivers with speeding tickets is available. Here are some tips on maintaining affordable car insurance for young drivers.

Many teens do not always understand the financial consequences that their actions while driving can have. Parents are often financially responsible for speeding tickets and reckless driving performed by their teens. The fine issued by the city for speeding can be very expensive. It’s common to have speeding tickets that range in price from $200 to $500. Each mile over the speed limit increases exponentially in cost. For example, if you’re going 17 miles over the speed limit, you may be fined $150 for being more than five miles over the limit, plus an additional $20 for each mile over that point.

You may be wondering what can be done to maintain low rates after receiving a speeding ticket. Talking with your teen and working through the problem is the best solution. Put the financial responsibility on your teen so that he or she learns a lesson.

Lowering car insurance for young drivers takes some form of action on your part as the parent. Contact your car insurance company to ask them specific ways you can accomplish this goal. There may be programs in place to drastically lower each monthly payment on your insurance policy, if the requirements are met. Defensive driving courses are usually offered in all towns and cities. These driver’s education centers usually have a variety of interactive courses that are taken in person or online. Many of these classes can be completed in a few weekend sessions. Your teen must understand the time and effort they have to spend completing these courses.

There are academic programs that can help you to maintain affordable car insurance for young drivers. Many insurance companies offer discounts for maintaining perfect attendance throughout the school year. High school and college students are often rewarded by achieving high grades or other educational achievements.

Work completed in the community through charity may also help, in addition to being on honors status with the school. Contact the insurance company for a detailed list of requirements, and then send in the requirements that your teen meets. List any other important accomplishments your teen has made that are applicable. Use these tips to help in lowering car insurance for young drivers.

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