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Saab is back!

After more than two years, Saab Automobile is back in production! The Swedish manufacturer filed for bankruptcy at the end of 2011. A article describes the production process succinctly here:

A Chinese-Japanese investment group agreed to buy Saab Automobile in June 2012 and pledged to convert the carmaker into a manufacturer of electric vehicles. The first model will be based on the 9-3 and is slated to go on sale next year. The city of Qingdao, which is part owner of Saab, has placed an order for 200 vehicles with delivery to start in the spring.

The just-produced 9-3 is the gasoline-powered version and will begin sales in Sweden next week on December 10, according to the NEVS’s website

The electric version will make its debut in 2013 in China.

Welcome back, Saab!

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