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Hilarious Roadside Assistance Conversations

There’s an entertaining blog that aggregates customer service employee tales of woe caused by customers who rank among the hardest to please people in the world! The blog is and they have some funny stories from people who work at roadside assistance call centers around the world and other stories from people who have auto-related problems:

Question a la Dwight Schrute: Which is more valuable- a baby or a car window? If you find this question hard to answer, you will definitely identify with the woman below.

Have you ever wondered if red-light cameras record everything or just take photos when they know you crossed the line (literally)? This woman had absolutely no doubt.

Yowza. This lady is cray. (Also, why do all these stories involved crazy WOMEN customers? #IAMASHAMED)

Finally! A difficult male customer! Oh, wait. I mean, who cares. Anyways, be grateful for what a car shop does for you!

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