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How Following The Regular Maintenance Schedule On Your Car Can Lower Your Car Insurance Quotes

Routine maintenance on your vehicle lowers your risk for accidents and this equates to better auto insurance quotes. Keep your vehicle running well and in the long run, it will be part of an excellent driving record.

We all know that following the regular maintenance schedule for our car gives it improved gas mileage and performance, but did you know it can also help keep down the cost of auto insurance? It’s true and it all relates to the safety of your vehicle. If you fail to take your car in for regular maintenance and tune-ups you can compromise your ability to handle it well on the road. It increases the risk for accidents and the safety of your passengers and other drivers on the road. Taking care of your vehicle helps you get better car insurance quotes.

One of the most important considerations when you are asking for auto insurance quotes is your driving history. The more accidents you have caused the higher will be the cost of your insurance. The road-worthiness of your car is part of the risk equation and potential for causing accidents. Your tires can be under-inflated or overinflated causing you to lose control of your vehicle. It also makes your tires more susceptible to punctures and this is hazardous when traveling at higher speed limits on the highway. Your mechanic will see this during a check up and inflate your tires at the proper pressure.

The maintenance program for your car includes checking the brakes and steering. Problems with either one of these systems can be resolved before you run into difficulties while driving. If your brakes or steering fail on the road there can be some serious and costly repercussions when you slam into another vehicle. Taking care of your vehicle’s steering fluid and oil levels at scheduled times helps to prevent more serious problems from developing. You mechanic will also check things like windshield washer fluid and make sure you have an adequate supply. There is nothing more disconcerting than suddenly losing visibility in traffic when your windshield gets splattered with mud and you are out of fluid. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

The bottom line is you should do everything possible to make sure you get the best auto insurance quote possible. Routine maintenance on your vehicle adds to your ability to handle it safely during normal and extreme conditions. Ask you dealer or check the owner’s manual that came with your vehicle for the service interval schedule. Normal usage of your car wears out the belts, affects the tire pressure, or contaminates the brake fluid, air filters and engine oil. The less your vehicle breaks down on the road, the lower your risk is to cause a “fender bender” or something more serious. Keep your vehicle running well and in the long run, it will be part of an excellent driving record.

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