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Reasons That Joint Car Insurance Policies Are Often Cheaper For Couples

Joint car insurance is much cheaper compared to individual insurance policies. Most insurance companies will be ready to offer cheaper car insurance quotes for married couples. This is primarily because couples tend to be more responsible compared to single adults and hence pose less of a risk to the insurance company.

Lesser Accidents

Vehicle owners who are already married tend to receive substantial discounts on their car insurance as compared to single drivers. Married drivers are far more responsible since they have a family to account for. Therefore, they would drive safer and be involved in fewer accidents. In comparison a teenager with a new car would be eligible for much higher rates in car insurance quotes simply because they have a thrill of speed. Besides since teenagers and younger adults possess less of driving experience they are more prone to car accidents. However, with married drivers the opposite is true. Married drivers will drive slower follow traffic rules and have less of a chance at accidents compared to teenagers and young adults. Since married drivers pose less risk to the insurance company they are generally offered cheaper car insurance from insurance providers.

Combined Policies

One of the other reasons why married drivers tend to receive lower rates on their car insurance is because most of them opt for joint car insurance. This is a situation where the individual will combine his and his spouse's policies into one single account. This kind of joint insurance with a single insurance provider automatically qualifies couples for lower rates and therefore monthly premiums. The significant advantage about joint insurance is that there is no need to marry to be eligible for additional discounts on car insurance. A simple partnership can enable couples to qualify for reduced car insurance quotes.


The biggest advantage about joint car insurance is that there is no requirement of browsing through rates online since most couples tend to receive discounts right away from the insurance company. However, it is always a good idea to compare rates and prices of car insurance online across multiple providers to understand prevailing market rates online. You can ask for free quotes from several insurance companies and use a price comparison tool online to arrive at a decision. Whether it is a joint insurance or a normal type of insurance comparing rates online always enables buyers to make smart informed decisions. When comparing quotes online be sure to compare prices based on joint insurance and not individual insurance rates.

Compared to individual types of insurance policies joint car insurance is certainly cheaper. However the only drawback is that maturity benefits tend to be much lower than the benefits obtained via individual policies.

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