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Reasons Why You Need Roadside Assistance Coverage

Many drivers skip past coverage options when buying a new car insurance policy, and for the most part, this is because many of the additional coverage options are unnecessary for the average driver. Protection for customized parts and accessories, for instance, doesn't appeal to the average driver who drives a factory car. However, some of these additional options can be extremely helpful to drivers, and one of the most neglected yet valuable types of car insurance coverage is roadside assistance. This coverage pays for the cost of towing, gas and water delivery, and more when a driver's vehicle breaks down, and it's a great buy for anyone looking at car insurance policies.

No driver anticipates his or her vehicle breaking down on the side of the road, but such incidents are very common. There's a decent chance that at some point in your life, you'll need to hire a tow truck or have something delivered to get your car to the nearest repair shop. This can be a problematic situation if you're on a road trip when your car breaks down. Towing companies regularly charge from $100 and up, and potentially more depending on the area. Roadside assistance will cover these costs, and while it's not something that you'll use on a month-to-month basis, it can feel like godsend if you ever need this special type of car insurance coverage.

It might not seem worth it, except roadside assistance is usually incredibly inexpensive. Many major insurance companies only charge about $5 a month (sometimes even less) for roadside assistance coverage. Every driver tries to save money when looking at car insurance quotes, but the coverage is so inexpensive that it's difficult not to recommend. Think of it this way: most drivers spend more on a single stop at a fast food restaurant than roadside assistance costs. If you ever need the coverage, it will more than pay for itself, especially if your car has serious issues or if you break down in a very rural area where tow truck services cost a fortune. Besides, the purpose of all car insurance coverage is to plan for the unexpected, and roadside coverage plans for a very specific yet somewhat likely situation. It's a wise buy for any driver.

When you consider additional coverage types while looking at a car insurance quote, roadside coverage deserves some serious consideration. It's almost a no-brainer; it's the one additional coverage that won't inflate the cost of your policy, and it will provide tremendous peace of mind if you ever decide to take a road trip or travel across the country.

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