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Reasons Lightweight Car Insurance May Cost More

When you are getting cheap car insurance quotes the bulk of the information that leads to these quotes will be related to the type of the car you are driving, where you are driving and your driving history. One of the most overlooked parts of this process is the type of car you are driving, as certain factors make certain vehicles more costly to insure. Lightweight car insurance can be more expensive than you think for reasons discussed in this article.

The biggest factor related to the higher cost of lightweight car insurance is the damage that is caused to a lightweight car in the car accident. When a car is lightweight it can be a great thing for gas mileage and the like, but it can be bad for one major reason to the car insurance company: the lighter the car is the more likely it is to sustain significant damage. The more damage that is caused to your lightweight car the more it will take to repair it and this will cost the insurance company dearly.

Directly related to the increase in damage, there is another factor that causes lightweight car insurance to be less likely to be eligible for a cheap car insurance quotes and that is the potential for injuries. Medical bills have a way of adding up quickly after car accidents and the potential for medical bills goes up when a lightweight car is involved in a car accident. Paying for your medical bills, the bills of your passengers and possibly the bills of the parties in the other vehicle could be a costly expense for your car insurance company.

The deciding factors for cheap car insurance quotes come from the fact that the car insurance provider is calculating the likelihood of significant injury to you in the event of an accident. Lightweight car insurance may be more costly due to repairs but lightweight car could save you money in gas. You must carefully evaluate these factors when purchasing a new vehicle. The less you think about your situation the more you could wind up paying.

Considering things like possible repair bills and medical bills can help you understand the difference between expensive and cheap car insurance quotes. Lightweight car insurance can be exciting to you and very scary to a car insurance company because they see the many risks involved in the proposition that you are making to them. Taking on a higher deductible or lower liability limits could save you some money on your car insurance premiums, but you must make the decision that best fits your financial situation.

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