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Reasons for Choosing Rental Car Outlets over Purchasing a Car

As consumers begin to comprehend the cost of consumption, they’re starting to seek ways to cut back. Because of skyrocketing car insurance rates, many consumers look to save by paring down their policies. However, cutting back on car insurance can be a dangerous decision, as it is legally required in all 50 states. A creative way to cut out the car insurance bill and still stay legal, however, is becoming a member of a car sharing group or rental car outlet.

Because of the monumental cost of car maintenance including gas, car insurance, repair, and oil changes, the personal vehicle is a pay check gobbler, especially since it spends most of its time sitting in parking lots and driveways. Choosing a rental car outlet instead of purchasing a car is a smart choice for consumers who want all the benefits of a car at a fraction of the cost. This choice also promotes environmentally friendly living. In fact, so many people are going green with their driving habits that Zipcar, one rental outlet, memberships have grown by 100 percent each year, according to Los Angeles ABC 7.

Insuring a personal vehicle means a monthly, yearly, or bi-annual cost to the owner. With car insurance rates that increase because of a variety of variables–type of car, location, and driver risk–this can add up to hundreds of dollars per year. When added to the other costs of keeping a personal vehicle, that number can reach the thousands. In the city, parking is yet another price that personal vehicle owners have to pay. Drivers who rarely hit the road may find that the costs of owning a car are not worth the rare moments of enjoyment and convenience that vehicle affords them.

When this is the case, drivers can join rental car outlets where cars are provided to drivers at a monthly rate plus a usage fee. As all of the cars offered by car rental outlets are already insured, there is no need for drivers to obtain a separate insurance policy. Essentially, members pay to use a car when they want to drive and don’t waste their money paying for personal vehicles to sit in a parking lot. Becoming a member of a rental car outlet not only spares drivers from paying high insurance rates, but it also affords them other benefits, such as the use of different, new, and stylish cars for each trip. While a personal vehicle depreciates, a new, shared vehicle is appreciated by many drivers. Joining a car rental outlet is an example of cutting back on expenses without cutting out convenience.

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