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Questions A Claims Adjustor Will Ask You About Your Car Accident

It's after an accident that most Americans begin to worry about their car insurance quotes. Concerned that they may rise, clients will often panic about calling their provider to tell them that an accident has occurred, and may even omit certain details in their recounting of the accident in order to put a better face on the entire experience. While this is a common response, it is a better idea to be honest from the start and to call an insurance company as soon as an accident happens. Although customers fear what items an adjustor will want to know about, there are a number of standard adjustor questions that an insurance policy holder can expect to be asked.

First on the list of adjustor questions will be where and when the accident happened. Try to be specific - while getting the time correct down to the minute isn't essential, it is important to know where the accident happened and not simply say "in front of a house" or "on that main street." Companies will want to know what direction a driver was headed, what road they were on, and what time the accident happened. Next will be questions about what exactly happened and what vehicles or objects were struck. Even if a policyholder struck a city curb and caused no damage to it, the insurance company will want to know what side of the road the curb was on and where it struck the vehicle. If the accident involved another car, the company will want to know what happened to cause the accident. Of course, the other party in the accident may tell a different story, but it is up to the two companies to compare versions as well as to look at the damage on the vehicles in order to determine fault.

Next for adjustor questions will be those about who was in the vehicle and if there were any contributing factors to the accident - snow, ice, wind, rain, etc. In addition, the adjustor will probably ask if the driver consumed and drugs or alcohol before getting behind the wheel that day. Some clients get upset upon hearing this question, but it is common practice to ask in the event that it is found out that the driver did in fact consumer either of these things. The adjustor will also ask if a police report has been made, and if the damage is over a certain amount, one will have to be filed if it has not already been done.

While an accident claim may mean larger car insurance quotes, responding honestly and promptly to adjustor questions is the best way to ensure continued coverage.

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