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A Look at What a Proximate Cause Means for a Car Insurance Claim

A proximate cause is merely a term used by car insurance companies to justify a car insurance claim. It means that the cause of the accident or incident must be covered under the terms of the policy or that claim will not be paid. It works sort of like this; a driver is going down the road at or below the posted rate of speed and another car pulls out and makes impact with that person’s car. Under the terms of an auto insurance policy, the person that is at fault is responsible for the damages to the first person’s vehicle. In the event that the person responsible for the accident has no insurance coverage and the first person has uninsured motorist coverage on their policy, the insurance company should pay the bill to bring them back to a pre-accident state.

The example above is very general and simplified but in most cases that is pretty much the way it works. Since insurance companies are in the business of making money, every car insurance claim has an effect on their bottom line so they have developed a means of controlling that bottom line. Determining a proximate cause is one of those ways and will be taken into consideration when a car insurance claim is filed. Just like with our personal budgets, if insurance companies allowed every frivolous claim to be paid without cause, they would run out of money to run their business with.

For individuals looking for affordable car insurance it just takes a few simple steps to get a few car insurance quotes online and then decide on the quick car insurance that is right for them. By letting the fingers do the walking and typing in a few bits of information like state, car model and make, and the type of coverage desired into the information form on a car insurance site, a person could be insured in a matter of minutes. Although a bit different from traditional methods, getting an online car insurance quote is very effective.

Affordable car insurance is a must for those drivers who spend a lot of time on the road. Getting a quick car insurance quote will assure the owner that this is one of the tools that will allow them to keep up with the cost of protection quite easily. No one ever wants to have to take advantage of the car insurance they have given such effort to acquiring, but sometimes it is necessary to file a car insurance claim in order to bring the vehicle back to operating condition after an accident.

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