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Progressive Releases Online Game Geared Toward Testing Driving Skills

The car insurance company Progressive has released a new driving video game aimed at teaching drivers critical driving skills and driving safety habits. The game, "Route-rageous!," is available through affiliates like Yahoo! Games and Facebook as a web based game for online gamers. Route-rageous! is the second game from Progressive's media division, and the first that will be available on Facebook.

The concept of the game is to earn rewards by driving safely around given in-game routes. By completing errands and other tasks, players can earn additional points. Behaviors that exhibit dangerous driving skills, such as jumping ramps and colliding with other vehicles, subtract points. Different vehicle types are also available in game to ensure a level of re-playability. While the game certainly doesn't recreate the experience of driving a car, Progressive hopes that it will teach young drivers to obey the rules of the road and follow road signs properly. Route-rageous! is designed to be a fun game that supplements good driving safety education. It's not only for first-time drivers, either. Its creators hope that all drivers can use the easy-to-play application as a sort of refresher course on driving etiquette. As the game gives an unbiased test of a driver's skills, it's also a fun way for anyone to see how their driving skills stack up against friends and family.

Poor driving skills can lead to high car insurance rates, which are bad for drivers and car insurance companies alike. Risky behavior on the road can also lead to serious accidents. That's why insurance companies are seeking to curb dangerous behavior and encourage driving safety early through games like Route-rageous! The game is designed not to be an outright advertisement for the company. Its presence on the popular social networking website Facebook should help to draw in a larger crowd of gamers and drivers who are interested in improving their driving while having a bit of fun at the same time. "Our goal was to create a fun, interactive, game," said Christ Scott, Progressive's media manager. "Sure, online games help us build our brand, but as a gamer myself, I feel it's important to create games people actually want to play, not just advertisements dressed up as games."

Games and other educational tools can help drivers keep car insurance rates low by emphasizing good control and smart driving habits. Due to the state of the current economy, car insurance rates around the country have become harder to handle for many drivers. Although Internet comparison shopping has helped to keep rates lower for some drivers, there's no substitute for a good driving record when shopping around.

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