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At What Point Are Teens Considered Adults In Terms Of Car Insurance Rates

At what age do insurance companies consider teens to be adults in terms of their car insurance? Besides age, a huge factor that comes into significant play is the teen's gender. Male drivers seem to bear a much heavier burden when it comes to car insurance rates, while females typically get away with paying significantly less. In terms of age, it has been noted that drivers ages 15-20 have a statistically higher fatality rate in car crashes, at an astounding 20%, according to police reports. Even though car crash fatality rates are extraordinarily high for teens, lower car insurance quotes can still in fact be found for the average teenage driver depending on other variables, namely gender. Let us take a comparative look at each of the individual genders as drivers, and more importantly, what the car insurance companies say about each one in terms of car insurance rates.

First, let us take a look at driver insurance for the teenage female driver. Most cities, counties, and states have demonstrated through lowered insurance rates their belief that the female driver is the safer gender in terms of all the teenage drivers out on the road. By the age of 21, almost all car insurance companies lower the car insurance rates for an unmarried teen female driver. However, how much lower her rate will drop thereafter greatly depends on the female's personal driving record from that point on.

Now, let's take a look at teen driver insurance for the male teenage driver. Not only does his insurance start out much higher than a teenage female driver's, but his insurance also must go down twice before being classified as an adult by insurance companies. As demonstrated through spiked insurance rates for male teen, the car insurance companies tend to consider the male teenage driver to be the more reckless driver of the sexes. The first time the insurance goes down is at age 21. The second time it drops and the male driver is finally considered an adult is again at age 25. However, just like a female teen driver's rate, how much the rate goes down thereafter depends on the individual male's driving record as well.

As you can see, teen driver insurance based on gender is straightforward. Females are considered adults at age 21 while males are considered adults at age 25. Factors insurance companies look for besides age are gender, type of car, marital status, and grades. The only difference between a teen driver's car insurance rate and an adult's is that it will always be significantly higher regardless of gender in comparison, and until each gender is considered an adult by insurance companies, will remain high.

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