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Pictures Of An Accident Scene And Their Role In Insurance Claims

When you're in an accident, one of the most important things to make sure your car insurance policy pays out for the damages is accident pictures. These pictures will show the insurance company the details of the accident that witnesses and the involved parties may not remember.

Accident pictures are taken by police when they arrive at the scene; however it is important to take your own pictures as well. A 360 degree view of the entire accident scene is best - this gives the whole picture of the accident so that the insurance company can follow through with your claim. The best way to ensure you get these photos is to carry a camera in your vehicle, this can be an inexpensive digital camera, your camera on your cell phone or a disposable camera that you keep in your glove compartment specifically for accident pictures.

Your car insurance policy holder will want as much information about the accident as possible, including statements from you, the other party involved in the accident, the police and any witnesses there may have been to your collision. Ensuring that you have all the other people's information is of key importance as well as many accident pictures as you can take.

Take many accident photos at the scene of the collision including pictures of the damage done to any vehicles, people, or property. This will help the insurance company view the accident as it happened and the real damages that occurred. You cannot always trust the opinions of witnesses or even the police about the details of the accident and damages that occurred, however accident pictures really are worth a thousand words.

The insurance company will also take photos of your vehicle after the accident to ensure they have a full understanding of the damage done to your vehicle, as well as to any other vehicles, people or structures that occurred during the accident. The car insurance policy of the at-fault driver will cover all the damages done, minus the deductible you have set on your policy if you are found at fault.

Accident pictures are important for the insurance company to have, especially if who is at fault in the accident is not easily determined or if the accident is a 50/50 split at fault or a no-fault collision. Your car insurance policy will pay out with the determination of who is at fault, and if you are not at fault, the accident pictures will help your insurance company claim your personal and vehicular damages with the other insurance company involved. Take as many accident pictures as you can to ensure your insurance company has all the information they need.

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