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How Passive Alarm Systems Affect Your Car Insurance Quotes

Cars get stolen. Despite taking all precautions, parking in a safe neighborhood and even having an alarm system, if a thief wants to take your car, he or she will likely be able to. As dire as this sounds, however, there are many ways to reduce the chance that your car will be targeted. This process, known as “target hardening” in the law enforcement industry, is meant to make your car harder to steal than average, and encourage thieves to go looking for easier prey. One of the best ways to do this is with the use of a passive alarm system.

A passive alarm system is one that is activated as soon as the owner of the vehicle leaves the car and locks the doors. Unlike an active alarm system, a passive one requires no input from the user to turn on. This is an excellent feature, as many people can easily forget to set their alarm if they are in a hurry or get distracted when leaving their car. Aside from the user having to start an active alarm, the two types are nearly identical in terms of features offered. Both can employ sirens, flashing lights, and even voice commands to let all those around the car know it is being stolen. As a result of this increased level of safety, many insurance companies will offer reduced car insurance quotes for those who choose to have an alarm system installed.

The amount of reduction in car insurance quotes for having an alarm will depend on a number of factors including the year, make, model and current value of a vehicle, as well as what types of features come with the alarm system. Insurance companies are focused on the mitigation of risk, so as to limit the amount they have to pay out. The more features that an alarm system has to warn thieves about its presence, such as flashing LED lights, alarm company stickers, and even warning buzzers should someone come too close, the better it will be for your car insurance quote. Other features, such as an ignition kill switch, which renders the ignition inoperable after the owner leaves the car, can also help to lower premiums.

Every insurance company will treat alarm systems and their value differently. Before purchasing an insurance policy, ask your potential provider what kind of discounts they offer for a passive alarm system, and be ready to provide any details requested. While the reduction in premium price may not be substantial, it will add up over the life of your car, and is well worth it when coupled with the security an alarm system can provide.

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