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How Owning A Motorcycle Affects Your Car Insurance

Motorcycles are a lot of fun, and for some drivers, they're the best part of being on the road. However, they are expensive–not just in initial cost, but in maintenance and insurance. You need a special insurance policy to drive a motorcycle, and although the requirements vary from state to state, policies are usually expensive. Many first time motorcycle buyers wonder if their car insurance rate will be affected after buying a bike; it's a valid question, and worthy of consideration. After all, it's a good idea to keep every possible cost in mind when making any large purchase.

Here's some good news. Buying a motorcycle cannot affect your car insurance negatively, although citations and claims on your motorcycle insurance policy may be reflected in your car's premiums. This is because dangerous motorcycle drivers stand a statistically better chance of being dangerous car drivers, and it's legal for insurance companies to make that decision. Your car insurance policy shouldn't change for the worse, though, if you've got a fairly clean record. From your insurer's point of view, your car is not in any more danger simply because you own a motorcycle. In fact, you may be able to get a few discounts on your car insurance quote if you take a careful approach.

Exactly what steps to take will vary based on your car insurance policy, the state you live in, and other factors, but some are consistent. For instance, if you're willing to combine your motorcycle and auto policy into the same plan, many insurers will be willing to discount both policies. Some insurance companies offer home insurance and health insurance, and combining all of your policies could potentially yield even bigger savings. As many drivers who buy a motorcycle will also drive their car less frequently as a result of the buy, you might even be able to apply for a special low mileage discount. You certainly won't stand a chance of offsetting the cost of your new motorcycle's insurance policy, but every bit helps.

You'll want to look into as many motorcycle and car insurance quotes as possible in order to find a solid plan for each vehicle. Be sure to read policy terms and look at consumer reviews. Remember, most car insurers also offer insurance for motorcycles, and it's a lot less hassle to buy both policies from the same company. Do some research, and ask your fellow motorcycle riders for advice. With some online comparison shopping combined with the experience of insurance agents and other cyclists, you'll be able to find great policies with reasonable premiums.

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