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The Consequences of Driving Without New York Car Insurance

Owning a car is expensive.  Many things can be cut to budget a few pennies, but car insurance shouldn’t be one of them.  Car insurance is a form of self protection. It protects you, the driver, against the financial worries of a potential collision.  In a perfect world, car accidents wouldn’t happen, but the reality is that everyone is not a safe driver.  Car accidents happen on a regular basis. In the year 2007, over 5,400 car accidents happened in the state of New York alone.  Hundreds of these drivers were uninsured.

What’s wrong with driving without car insurance?

Driving without insurance is against the law!

In the state of New York, car insurance is required. According to New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law 319, being pulled over without insurance can result in fines ranging between $150-$1500, a possible jail sentence of no more than 15 days, or a combination of both.  In some instances a civil penalty of $750 may also apply.

Driving without insurance costs you and others money.

In the state of New York, driving without insurance will warrant tickets. It’s already established that uninsured driving will cost you money, but what else will it cost?  And are you the only one affected?

You are not the only one affected by uninsured driving. Ever heard of protective driving? Protective driving is a form of driving where drivers are observant of their environment and they make decisions on the road to protect themselves and others. Consider it driving for self and others.  Insurance is the ultimate level of protective driving. Not having car insurance places you at the mercy of others. If you are involved in a collision, then the chances of car repair depend upon the other party’s insurance company. If that party is uninsured, be prepared to pay full repair and injury costs, if any, out of pocket.  Automobile insurance eliminates these concerns. Full coverage protects you and your vehicle while liability coverage protects others – in that if you hit someone, your insurance policy will handle those bills.

Driving without insurance can land you in jail.

In the state of New York, uninsured driving can result in jail time. Is saving a few dollars really worth having a criminal record?

Uninsured driving can result in lawsuits.

In the event that you are involved in a car accident, found to be at fault and have no New York car insurance, the injured party can bring a civil law suit against you for all repair costs and accident related expenses, including car rental, hospital bills, rehabilitation therapy, etc.

Being an uninsured motorist may save a few dollars a month, but is it worth thousands of dollars in fines, civil suits, and jail time?

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