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Moller Sky Car

Mark June 10, 2014 in your calendars, folks! That’s the date that the Moller Sky Car has clearance from the FAA to fly in the sky without being tethered to the ground. 

TV station Fox 40 shared a video clip/interview with the man behind it all. See it here:

Molinar Sky Car

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Inventor Paul Moller’s “streetable aircraft” (his words, not mine) is unique in that it doesn’t require a runway (it’s all vertical, baby!) and can be programmed to take off and land on its own. Moller says that the passenger is free to read a book, play a game or take a nap during the flight.

So, what makes this a Sky Car and not just a mini-airplane? It can be driven on the street! But who wants to do that, when you have a car that can fly? It can also just sit and hover in the air, baffling neighbors and incurring envy.

As far as specs go, it can go up to 300 miles per hour and weighs 1,600 pounds (including fuel and 2 passengers). 


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