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MetroMile Street Sweeping Alerts

Alrighty, this post will be just a little bit a lot super relevant to residents of San Francisco. 

If you live in SF, you know that one the crappiest parts of living there is parking. Whether you’re going out for brunch on that rare sunny weekend in the Sunset or trying to find parking for the night in the Mission, it can be a hair-tearing experience. When I lived in the city, I remember waking up just to move my car before street sweeping time and literally looking for a space for one hour. (ONE HOUR. ONE HOUR!!!!!)

So, I rejoice in telling you that MetroMile has just developed an app that can alert you when it’s street sweeping time (aka tells you to move your car). This might seem like whatevs to some of you, but I remember I used to set alarms on my phone to remind myself to move my car. Anyways! Rejoice with me!

For more info on the app and how to get it, watch the handy YouTube video above and check out MetroMile’s website.

This news might not seem very useful to people outside of the city, but it still is! If you live in a metropolitan area, there is hope for technology to save your car from tickets and towing! Yay! Also, doesn’t this just make you want to come to this gorgeous, must-visit* City by the Bay and see what all the fuss is about?

*I am completely and 100% biased, but my bias is founded on facts. Like the fact that Buster Posey is my favorite SF Giants baseball player and that Tartine makes the best morning buns… absolutely legit and trustworthy methodology. 😉

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