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Many Car Insurance Holders Missing Out On Discounts

Many car insurance holders are missing out on valuable discounts that are available for consumers. Many unpublicized discounts can further reduce the car insurance cost that policyholders should be aware. Some discounts can be more than 10 percent off the annual car insurance premium cost. The annual car insurance premium is a reoccurring bill that can be lowered by knowing exactly what types of discounts to ask for. However, simply asking for a discount, or a lower bill without a qualifying statement, does not always result in substantial decrease in insurance costs. So, here are some of the available discounts that may help you to obtain a cheaper car insurance policy.

Many insurance companies offer discounts of up to five 5 percent for simply mentioning association with a certain college or university. In other education-related discounts, students in high school or college may qualify for discounts based on volunteer organizations, grade point average or simply being enrolled in school. It may also be to your benefit to discuss in detail how often the insured vehicle is used and where it is parked. You may be given a discount just for living within a gated community or within a secure neighborhood, such as a Military Base. Be honest about other forms of transportation that are used. Car pooling on a regular basis, riding a bike, taking the bus, or walking can lead to lower car insurance premiums.

Your age and employment status can also affect your car insurance rates. Persons over the age of 55 may qualify to receive a senior discount. Unemployed policyholders may be eligible for a low mileage discount. This is very helpful if the previous employer required a long daily commute. Paying a six-month or annual car insurance policy in full may also be granted a discount. If the driving records of one or more policyholders on the plan have no accidents within a three-year period, ask for a discount. Read through the information manual that comes with all household vehicles and discuss all the safety upgrades that are unique to each vehicle with your agent. Examples of these upgrades are LATCH child seat anchors, air bags, OnStar and brake assist. This may also qualify you for discounts

The main reasons that consumers are missing out on paying less for car insurance, is they simply are not aware of how to ask for the additional savings. Contacting the insurance company directly and asking the right questions can help to guide the representative to reducing the overall cost of you car insurance policy. Be very clear and direct when requesting car insurance quotes and your agent will ultimately get you the type of discount that will work best.

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