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Make Way on the Road for Grandma and Grandpa

About 10 years ago, experts predicted that with all of the baby boomers hitting “senior” status, there would be more danger on the roads. However, a recent study by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) shows that contrary to a previous postulation, the number of crashes involving senior drivers has decreased.

“Older drivers are not only less likely to crash in recent years, they also are sharing in the benefits of newer and safer vehicles. It also helps that older people in general are more fit than in years past, with better access to emergency services and health care,” says Anne McCartt, co-author of the study and the IIHS senior vice president for research.

Check out this cool graph from the study page showing how crash deaths have declined for almost all age groups over the years.

Graph courtesy of IIHS

Thumbs up for cute grandmas and grandpas and longevity! 🙂

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