Finding Low Cost Car Insurance After an Accident

If you have been in an accident, then your car insurance rates are likely to increase. In rare instances, car insurance companies may grant "forgiveness" to drivers involved in a first time at-fault accident. Forgiveness means the insurance company may not issue a premium increase at the time of renewal if the driver has been involved in an accident. However, this is not always the case and it’s certainly not an industry-wide policy.

If you have received a rate increase on your car insurance premium, there are factors involved that constituted the increase. Insurance companies annually file rates with each state's insurance department. Filing an accident claim greatly affects the rates determined by the state insurance department. Car insurance companies have different consequences for accidents, whether or not rates will be raised, and how much rates will increase. In most instances your location, age, and driving record will have a large impact on the increase of your premium. Car insurance companies normally keep an accident on your record for three years from the day they begin charging for it. Common belief is that car insurance companies will keep the accident on your record for three years from the day it occurred. Once rates increase, they will stay in force for a 3-year period.

If you are interested in finding low cost car insurance after an accident, it is possible to do so. A simple way for finding low cost car insurance after an accident is to look online for rates. There are many websites available to serve individuals seeking affordable car insurance following an accident. These websites will provide you with free online, low cost quotes. Most websites have the ability to compare multiple quotes, giving you the opportunity to review all the information at one time. Certain programs designed for high risk drivers make it possible to get low cost car insurance after an accident. Most car insurance companies offer a program specifically for high risk drivers, and quotes are readily available online. You may need to use an insurance broker in order to find low cost car insurance online. Insurance brokers will quickly narrow down your search and find accurate results for low cost car insurance after an accident. Insurance brokers know where to look and how to look for low cost car insurance online. They search numerous providers in order to find a reputable and dependable company for all your driving needs.

From online services to insurance brokers, there are many sources available to assist you in finding low cast car insurance after an accident.

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