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Louisiana Raises Minimum Liability Car Insurance Requirements

According to NBC 7 in Louisiana, many Louisiana drivers will soon be paying more for their car insurance. The hike is due to a bill passed in 2009 that became effective on the first of this year. Instead of simply requiring drivers to carry liability insurance on their vehicles, the new law forces drivers to obtain insurance that will cover the injury and/or death of people involved in a car accident, as well as property damage.

The bill was put into place because the legislative body saw a need to cover the cost of more accidents. However, some said that the bill would actually have the opposite effect, leading more drivers to go uninsured due to the inability to pay the higher car insurance premiums. On the other hand, NBC 7 described the bill's proponents as saying that individuals would not notice the increase. In addition, car insurance companies are not required to tell individuals about the increases, letting them find out for themselves when the time comes to pay their car insurance bill.

However, it may be appropriate to question the need for such legislation. Are car insurance prices rising because individuals are practicing distracted driving and causing more accidents? Cell phones, GPS systems and MP3 players are used in many vehicles, despite certain state's use of a cell phone ban. With people talking, texting or looking down while driving, accidents are inevitable. Another problem – driving tired – can be as dangerous as driving drunk. Many people who have been in an accident caused by a drunk driver wonder how anyone can be so careless, but other types of unsafe driving are nearly as careless. All these negligent acts cause accidents that result in insurance hikes, body repairs and hospital bills.

If you're a Louisiana driver being affected by this legislation, it's important to understand that there are ways to keep your insurance costs down. While it is legally mandatory to purchase the minimum requirement for car insurance, you can avoid actions that would increase your payment, like getting into an auto accident or getting a ticket. Being a safe driver is always the best way to lower insurance payments and overall costs, as you won't have to pay for repairs to your car, speeding ticket fines or the maintenance problems. You may also be able to lower your insurance rate by switching carriers, as different companies offer minimum coverage requirements at a variety of prices.

So, despite the rise in Louisiana car insurance costs, there are still ways for drivers to keep premiums low. Searching for car insurance quotes is one way to see if you can lower your insurance rates even after the price hike.

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