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Look Out for Higher Car Insurance Premiums in the Winter

Winter and the associated holiday season are supposed to be a time for cheer. Unfortunately it’s also a time that makes many motorists feel more like the Grinch when looking at their car insurance rates. The premiums for an average car insurance policy tend to go up a bit in the winter season every year, and this can feel like a pretty bad gift from car insurance companies. However, everything that the insurance companies do is based on statistics. Unfortunately, these statistics consistently show that there tends to be more insurance claims during the colder months. This means bad news for some motorists.

As you might expect, the chief cause of the increased number of claims — and most often the cause of a higher car insurance premium in the winter — is the harsher driving conditions of the season. Drivers in many states are faced with snow, sleet, black ice and other dangerous weather that can make driving much more hazardous. This means more accidents and more damage that the insurance companies need to pay for. Additionally, there’s also an increase in environmental damage to vehicles — resulting in claims. For instance, hail or falling tree limbs can cause this sort of damage. In order to pay for those damages, insurers need to charge more for car insurance.

However simple this cause and effect might be, it’s not great news for many drivers. In order to avoid a rising car insurance premium, many car insurance companies recommend tried and true safe driving tips. Being more aware of other drivers on the road, staying in during harsh winter weather and knowing the appropriate driving techniques for slippery snow and ice are all essential to the winter driver. Damage to a vehicle can be avoided by storing the vehicle in a garage or under some form of cover. Some minor vehicle modifications might help, too, such as putting snow tires on a car. This can be especially effective in the northern part of the U.S. and mountainous areas where driving can be especially treacherous.

If your car insurance rate gets out of hand, it can be hugely beneficial to check out other car insurance companies. Online insurance comparison websites let drivers look at dozens of quotes at the same time, and these quotes can be easily used to negotiate with your existing insurer. Insurance companies are as interested in making money in the winter as they are in other seasons, so playing a bit of hardball will help to keep your rates lower.

By being careful, keeping a safe driving record and occasionally taking a look at other insurance options, you can avoid a premium hike during winter.

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