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How A License Suspension Affects Your Car Insurance Rates

License suspension ranks as one of the more serious troubles you can have on your driving record. A suspended license can have serious impacts on your car insurance rate. Many drivers don't understand the car insurance protocol for dealing with a suspended license on your car insurance policy. There are important paperwork items to file. You will likely play a higher car insurance rate than previously, and you may want to shop around for new car insurance quotes. You may be able to find a lower car insurance quote than your present company offers. The game has changed. Read on to discover how a license suspension affects your car insurance rate.


It is important to know the law as it affects your license and car insurance requirements. Drivers in many states are required to file an SR-22 when they lose their license. An SR-22 is used to ensure that drivers understand their financial responsibilities in any number of situations. If you are required to file one, your state will let you know. In many cases, your car insurance company can file one for you. It's also important to realize that your need to carry car insurance does not end up with the suspension of your license. For an SR-22, you have to carry car insurance for the duration of the filing. The insurer is required to notify the authorities if the policy is ever interrupted for any reason.

Finding the Lower Car Insurance Rate

If you have a suspended license and are a required to carry car insurance, you have some options available. You won't find a car insurance rate as cheap as before, but it's a competitive market, so you can find a lower car insurance quote if you shop around. Most likely, a high risk car insurance company might be able to offer you the best car insurance quotes. High risk companies may be more willing to understand and find you car insurance quotes that are less than you might get out of other companies. They can likely find you a better car insurance quote than you'd get from a company that focuses on low risk drivers.

Ways to opt out

If you have a car that isn't going to be driven at all while your license is suspended, you may want to save yourself the cost of your car insurance rate altogether. Look into it. You can get some portions of your car insurance policy suspended. This will likely result in a lower car insurance quote. Either way, be willing to negotiate. Lower car insurance quotes are available for high risk drivers if you take the time to look.

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