Jaguar's "British Villains" Ad Campaign for Super Bowl XLVIII

Jaguar apparently put together a delightfully villainous ad campaign for its F-Type R Coupe. The commercials feature sinister (and by "sinister" I mean "absolutely charming") actors Tom Hiddleston, Mark Strong and Sir Ben Kingsley. The campaign is LITERALLY called "British Villains."

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Did I mention Tom Hiddleston? I mean, I know I did, but I need to mention him multiple times for you to understand how much I adore him and to explain why I'm only posting his part of the ad in this blog article. (It's called blatant fangirl favoritism. Tee hee.)

Shudder! It's so gleefully ... EVIL!! Moo ha ha ha!

One thing's for sure: Jaguar, you know how to put together a marketing campaign. 

P.S. Tom Hiddleston!

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