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Is It Possible to Obtain Full Car Insurance Coverage with a Salvage Title?

Many individuals ask if it is possible to obtain full car insurance coverage if the vehicle has a salvage title. The answer lies within determining the laws and regulations that exist in the state you live. Every state is different and contacting your local title office or DMV will give answers to all your car insurance coverage questions, especially concerning an automobile that has a salvage title.

Most states however, have laws in place that clearly state a vehicle is deemed unlawful to operate on a highway until the owner has had it repaired and inspected by the state highway patrol office. Many times this will apply to a car with a salvage title. Once you have had your car inspected, the highway patrol office will give you the necessary documents you will need to show the DMV that indeed it has passed the requirements. When all this has been processed and taken care of, you will be able to insure and operate the vehicle. If you opt for acquiring full car insurance, the car’s value may be shown as a lesser value. Address any concerns you have on this matter with your car insurance company when you apply for coverage.

If you are the owner of any vehicle that has a salvage title, then you can assume the automobile has been modified and meets state specifics regarding salvage title vehicles. It is now in your hands to obtain sufficient car insurance coverage. You should not have any difficulty in finding a company that will place an insurance policy on the vehicle. You will also want to compare car insurance rates to get the best deal on coverage. This is easy to do by simply searching online. Several websites will allow you to quickly compare car insurance rates.

Vehicles that are issued a salvage title are considered damaged beyond what the normal market value is of the car itself. In some states, if the owner of a salvage titled automobile does work on the vehicle to make the car sufficient and roadworthy, then they may reissue a rebuilt title after the fact. Usually, it is not difficult to find an insurance company that is willing to insure this sort of vehicle, however most will only insure the automobile with liability coverage. Be sure to ask your car insurance agent what options may be available to you for any additional coverage you may want to purchase.

Sometimes, insurance companies do have optional insurance coverage you can purchase for vehicles with a salvage title. But, ultimately, you will have to make a decision if the car is value to you is worth the amount of coverage and premiums that you will be paying.

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