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Is It Harder to Get Car Insurance in the UK Than in the US?

With so many Americans traveling to or moving to the UK, the question of getting a car insurance quote in the UK becomes more and more relevant. But is it more difficult to find a car insurance quote in the UK than at home?

It can be just as easy to find online quotes in the UK as in the US, but it is important to keep in mind several key factors. The first is the exchange rate between the two countries. It may go without saying that the UK uses the British pound, which is typically valued higher than the American dollar. This means that prices for your UK car insurance quotes will need to be calculated with the rate of exchange to find their true value.

Car insurance quotes in the UK also do not come with any claims discount. For US insurance providers, plans that do not pay out a claim during the year are eligible for a discount on pricing in the next year. This is not the case in the UK. This means that while your UK car insurance rates may still go down over time, they will not do so because of a lack of claims.

Similarly to US car insurance providers, those in the UK are seeking new customers every day, and will likely have low premiums in order to draw in new buyers. This is great news for you. Getting a UK car insurance quote online is already easy, but this makes the available quotes cheap, too. Prices are dropping and benefits are increasing. You can still make a choice in your plan between basic third party coverage, third party and fire / theft coverage, and comprehensive coverage plans. Those plans themselves, however, will come more cheaply than they have in the past.

As for finding the UK car insurance quotes themselves, that couldn’t be easier. Comparing and contrasting the plans, benefits, and prices is simple when you find your UK car insurance quote online. Searching is free, and you can analyze and examine the results yourself, so you know you’re getting the best available deal.

When you search for the best UK car insurance quotes keep those things in mind: the rate of exchange, the difference in coverage, the lack of claims discounts, and the fact that it is a buyer’s market. You’ll no doubt find a great UK car insurance provider, and save a lot of money doing it. And you’ll discover that it can be just as easy and hassle-free as finding car insurance in the US.

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