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Do All Insurance Companies Offer Roadside Assistance

Yes, it is true that almost every auto insurance company will offer its customers some form of roadside assistance. However, the service does come with a price. The thing to remember is that roadside assistance is not automatically included in every insurance plan. Roadside assistance is an extra feature in car insurance coverage. These types of features can be added to a basic policy at the discretion of the customer. The customer agrees to pay an additional amount above the regular insurance coverage cost.

While many insurance agencies may provide emergency on-the-road service, this option is generally combined with joining the company's corresponding motor club. This can be a worthwhile purchase, but it is not directly covered by the standard auto insurance policy. It must be purchased separately, as a kind of upgrade to basic auto plans. Some insurance companies team with already-established motor clubs to offer emergency service coverage at comparatively low to minimal cost. Detailed car insurance quotes should provide specific costs of various roadside assistance plans, as well as the benefits provided by each option. Consumer Reports, an authority on shopping for the best services, suggests that drivers should carefully review the exact specifications of covered benefits. Careful review will help insured drivers make the most of their roadside assistance package.

All insurance companies will provide some form of roadside assistance to their clients who request it and agree to pay the additional cost. Varying amounts and types of assistance are available. Some insurance companies will reimburse drivers after the fact for towing. Other companies will contact the towing agency themselves. They may also help the driver and immediate family with arrangements for alternate transportation. With some companies, the towing or roadside service is linked to the vehicle that is covered, not to the driver. That is, service on the road is not offered if the driver is operating another person's vehicle. Many other companies will cover claims regardless of whether the vehicle is leased, owned, rented, or borrowed by the driver.

Claims made for roadside service are documented according to each company's individual policies. Some companies collect information but do not use it to affect the price of premiums. Others do not record the number of times service is requested. Wise consumers will take the time to obtain a car insurance quote that clearly indicates the inclusions and limits of roadside assistance plans. With all this information in mind, it becomes much simpler to select the appropriate type of emergency roadside service plan to supplement ordinary auto insurance.

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