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Important Things To Consider When Insuring Minivans

It is a fact that car insurance rates for minivan drivers are among the lowest of all vehicles. So, if you are looking for the cheapest car insurance available, a minivan is a good bet if it fits your lifestyle, which is at the center of why minivan drivers typically have lower car insurance rates than other drivers.

Obviously, the cost of replacement parts and labor for minivans is no different than any other vehicle. Even a low impact collision with any vehicle including minivans can result in a few thousand dollars worth of damage. Moreover, a new minivan is not cheap.

It goes back to lifestyle. Minivans are typically family vehicles and those who drive them usually don't take as many chances driving with the families as drivers of other vehicles. Also, minivans are not designed to handle like sports cars and so drivers don't experience the same rush of excitement as in other vehicles. They tend to take it easier on the road.

Therefore, car insurance rates are lower on minivans because they are involved in fewer accidents or at least in accidents that cost insurers less money per accident. It is always important to note that, as with all insurance, the numbers tell the story and car insurance rates for all drivers can vary depending on the quality of driving records and other factors.

Another reason why car insurance rates are lower for minivans is that they are usually well-equipped with safety features because manufacturers understand that they will be carrying families. Features such as anti-lock brakes and driver and passenger airbags are standard features on most new minivans. Some may even come with side-impact airbags.

The Toyota Sienna, Nissan Quest and Honda Odyssey now come with side airbags. This feature alone could save lives in severe accidents, which helps to make car insurance rates lower on minivans. It makes sense that if insurance carriers pay less in medical claims that occur even after slight accidents due to whiplash, they can charge lower rates to minivan owners.

Although minivans are not designed to maneuver through traffic on the Autobahn like a Porsche, you still need to know where the traffic is at all times. Some minivans have bad sight lines, especially when looking over your right shoulder to see if it is clear to make a lane change. A badly placed door post can prohibit you from seeing quickly what's back there. So you may have to rely on your side mirrors more than some other vehicles.

Nevertheless, minivans can still net you the cheapest car insurance rates available on the market today.

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