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How Your Zip Code Affects Your Car Insurance Quotes

Where you live can have an impact on the prices you are quoted for car insurance. A lot of people do not realize that, so they just buy the expensive car that they want and then they're shocked when they get a car insurance quote. Some people already have the expensive car, and they move to a new city or neighborhood without checking the prices for vehicle insurance. The zip code matters, though, when it comes to car thefts and break-ins. These things are assigned categories by the insurance agency based on crime statistics. If you live in a zip code with a high number of car thefts or break-ins, your car insurance quotes will be higher. Whether your particular street or house is safe is not as important as the overall zip code that you're living in or thinking about moving to.

Car insurance coverage isn't just about thefts and break-ins, though. It's also important to be aware of accidents. Because the accident rate in a particular zip code can affect whether you get a low price or a high price for your vehicle insurance, no matter what kind of vehicle you own. If you live in a highly trafficked area where there are a lot of cars on the road and a lot of accidents – or problems with dangerous roadways – you'll pay more to insure your vehicles. That's true even if you are a safe driver.

When you are considering a move, especially to a larger city where there are a lot of different areas with separate zip codes, talk to your insurance agent. Find out which areas have lower prices for car insurance coverage and which areas cost more. You don't want to base your entire moving decision on that, but you will want to consider it so you don't end up with a nasty surprise when you get settled into your new place and switch your car insurance from where you used to live.

When you get a car insurance quote, it's a good idea to ask about the issues that could change your insurance prices. If you aren't sure where you'll be living and you want to shop around, you can make a list of zip codes and get several car insurance quotes based on all of those different areas. That may help you make a decision. Because you'll be paying car insurance for a long time, you want to be aware of the cost and how it can change when you move. Since zip codes affect car insurance so much, take the time to talk with your agent about where you're living now and where you might want to move.

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