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How Your State Insurance Commission Can Provide You With Protection

You know that it's important to protect the properties you've invested in, and that's why you're sure to maintain up-to-date insurance policies on your home and vehicles. You may not think about it on a regular basis, but in continuing to keep up with your policies, you're putting a huge amount of trust in the fact that your insurance providers are faithfully doing everything within their power to uphold their end of the bargain. Even when you haven't got into an accident, been the victim of a theft, or suffered from property damage during an unavoidable natural disaster, you need a reliable guarantee that your policy providers are working for you. Your state insurance commission provides this security by ensuring your insurance company is operating within legal regulations, so that you know your coverage meets car insurance laws and keeps you safe.

What Does My Commission Do?

An insurance commission is a special, impartial regulatory body responsible for insurance oversight. No matter whether you pay for car, home or health insurance, the policy you've taken out is a product that must meet pre-established regulatory standards designed to protect consumers. Each state commission defines specific rules for insurance sales that must be followed, including provisions for policy detail disclosure, claims response and customer service. If an insurance provider wishes to maintain their eligibility to sell policies, they have to respect the rules.

How Can I Take Advantage?

You can make inquiries with your state insurance commission at any time via their website or contact information. When you have trouble with your insurance company, any complaint you file ought to be investigated by the state insurance commission in your jurisdiction. This makes it easy to meet the liability coverage limits set by your car insurance laws without feeling like you're getting ripped off or paying good money for nothing.

When you have a dispute with your insurance provider, it needs to be resolved. If you cannot find help by going through the normal channels, including talking to claims specialists and contacting the appropriate customer service departments, you need to get in touch with your insurance commissioner immediately. Most have an online form that will allow you to request investigation in an expeditious manner.

Your state insurance commission can also help you access services you may not be able to find otherwise. Finding insurance adjusters and producers is much easier for customers, agents and mechanics when they rely on the contacts their commissioners provide. Make sure you check out your insurance commissioner's website if you have any problems with your insurance or questions about to stay protected.

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