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How Where You Live Can Affect Car Insurance Rates

If you are shopping around for an auto insurance policy, keep in mind that car insurance rates can vary depending on an individual's location. For instance, drivers in New York, New Jersey, and Washington D.C. usually pay more for coverage. Drivers in Maine and Iowa are among those who pay the least. It is also worth noting that insurance companies set auto insurance rates according to other factors including gender, age, credit history, driving record, claims history, and the type of car you drive. Your location and these factors will affect your online car insurance quotes.

Drivers who live in cities with heavy traffic and crowded areas usually pay more for coverage. If you reside in a city that is congested with traffic, the risk of getting into an accident increases. As a result, many insurance providers raise car insurance rates accordingly. At the same time, drivers located in rural areas that have fewer drivers on the roads typically pay less for coverage.

Urban areas usually have more traffic than suburban areas. Suburban areas are less populated and the traffic is more spread out. Additionally, suburban areas tend to have fewer traffic lights and wider streets, which tends to make it easier to move around without having an accident.

If you reside in a remote location where there aren't many hospitals or physicians, you may pay more for auto insurance coverage because it is harder and more costly to get treated for accident-related injuries in these areas.

Car insurance rates are higher for people who live in high-crime areas. If statistics show that you live in an area that experiences a high rate of theft, you may be charged more for coverage. Insurance providers pay for stolen cars, and if they are paying a lot of money for thefts in your city, they will offset their fees by increasing auto insurance premiums across the area. If the fact that insurance rates are higher because drivers live in a certain area seems unfair to you, keep in mind that some states agree with you. For example, in California, it is illegal to set auto insurance rates based on an individual's zip code. There are some other states that have similar laws. If your state has this law and you think you are paying more money than you should be, you can contact the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) to file a complaint. Furthermore, if you reside in a high-priced location, you can lower your premiums by dropping some coverage, increasing your deductibles, taking advantage of auto insurance discounts, and comparing online car insurance quotes before you purchase a policy.

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