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How To Take The Best Care Of Your Car Insurance Pink Card And Documents

Drivers in North America are fairly used to keeping insurance documents in an easily accessible place. US drivers have to keep insurance cards from their insurance providers, and Canadian drivers - or United States drivers who spend any time in a Canadian province - have to keep a special pink card on them at all times as proof of liability insurance coverage. The purpose of these types of documents is to prove that you've got sufficient insurance coverage to pay for the costs of an accident that you cause, and they're very important. If you get caught without proof of insurance, you could receive a ticket that could raise your car insurance rates. Many drivers have no idea where to keep a pink card or other insurance documents and how to present them when a police officer asks for them.

The safest place to keep insurance documents is right next to your car owner's manual in your glove department. Many insurance companies will even provide you with a special booklet that can contain your car's owner manual and your insurance documents, and this can be a great organizational tool to keep all of your documents together in one place. What you don't want to do is have your insurance documents floating around in a big sea of papers in your glove department, as this can make for a confusing and embarrassing situation when you're pulled over, so whether or not you have an insurance booklet, make sure that your glove compartment is tidy.

You should also remember to print off new ID cards (if you use an online insurance provider) and to replace your old cards before their expiry date. Expired insurance cards aren't very worthwhile, and may not get you out of a ticket for driving without proof of insurance. Try to switch out your proof of insurance cards as soon as the new ones are available. Remember that there's no point in waiting, and doing so will only put you at risk of an expensive traffic citation which can cause a rise in your car insurance rates.

Keeping your pink card and other proofs of car insurance together in one place is a fairly simple process, and it will make it easier to handle a traffic stop. Be sure to tell the officer where your insurance cards are before you reach for them and only present your proof of insurance when an officer asks to see them. Stay calm during a traffic stop and know where your proof of insurance cards are ahead of time. You'll reduce your chances of getting any kind of ticket and stay safe in an accident.

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