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How to Prevent Accidents during Risky Holiday Driving

The holidays should be a season of joy and pleasure shared with friends and family. However, they also mean winter driving to and from those fun Christmas gatherings. So be prepared for holiday driving by practicing some safety precautions and keeping in mind some important information when taking road trips. Here are some tips for safer driving this holiday season:

• Prepare your Vehicle for Winter Driving It pays to give your vehicle a check-up before hitting the road. Make sure that your windshield wiper blades are functioning properly. And, depending on your location and where you are traveling to, check if you will need to replace them with snow blades. It can also be beneficial to have your mechanic check your vehicle’s anti-freeze or coolant to make sure they are at the right levels for optimal driving.

In addition to making sure your tires are in optimal condition and properly inflated; consider your surroundings and whether they are they appropriate choice. Should you live in a location where snow is a certainty, don’t rely on all-season tires. Install snow tires instead. Snow tires are composed of much softer materials and have different tread designs that allow better gripping and traction abilities.

You vehicle should also be well stocked with basic emergency tools and equipment just in case you get stalled or get in an accident. Keep the following items in your trunk: extra clothing, blankets, snacks, beverages, matches, candles, a flashlight, flares, a radio, long jumper cables, a windshield scraping device, a small shovel and a tow rope.

• Invest in Car Insurance No matter how well you take care of your vehicle, and despite the safety precautions you take as a driver, you can’t predict the future. You may get in an accident — a time when having car insurance coverage is important. Therefore, investing in good car insurance will protect you and your loved ones against any loss if an accident does happen.

• Be a Responsible Driver Safety precautions do not end with a car in tip-top shape, a loaded emergency kit, and a comprehensive car insurance plan. As a driver, you personally have to take special measures as well.

Never drink and drive. Celebrations may be an excuse for some drinking but if you’re driving — especially on slippery roads — think twice before having another serving of alcohol. And, when you are driving, drive slower. Also make sure in that you, and all your passengers, are buckled up and secured in the vehicle properly.

Winter driving around the holidays can be especially risky, as there are an increased number of drivers on the road. But, by following these tips, you will be able to minimize your risk of being in an accident.

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